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Print Media

Print media include all printed forms of press: newspapers, newsletters, booklets, magazines and pamphlets as well as other printed publications such as books and printed literature. The vast majority of print media refers to the publications that sell advertising space to raise revenue. Most print media, with the exception of magazines and journals are local or national, while many magazines are international. A complete catalog of print media should also include yearbooks and presentations of events and programs.

Audiences learn and distinguish priorities from reading print media; it might be less obvious but the audiences committed to the press use it as a surrogate for their social entourage and the community. People adopt the press agenda of issues as their own. Different types of individuals become more focused on the same public issues, suggesting that the significance of print media is to draw people around the same particular public themes and issues. This role and function of print media has been important throughout the centuries and is likely to remain the same.

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