DITCH understands the vital role good creative plays in successful Internet advertising.

E-commerce Strategy

Cannibalize Yourself Before Your Competition Does

Are you concerned with E-commerce Channel Conflict? Look to DITCH for results-oriented e-commerce strategies and follow your customer’s behavior. We understand the messaging, creative, merchandising, media, and usability best practices that drive maximum conversion, ROI and revenue contribution – helping you take full advantage of your e-commerce opportunity. The DMW approach includes…

  • Evaluating your transaction business metrics and results
  • Determining your online marketing opportunities
  • Optimizing your digital visibility and demand drivers
  • Converting “hits” into customers

Optimizing Your Transaction Business for Maximum Revenue and ROI

With an essential understanding of the challenge that digital technology and changing consumer behavior presents, DITCH is uniquely positioned to help your business take full advantage of today’s e-commerce opportunity.

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