DITCH understands the vital role good creative plays in successful Internet advertising.

Display Advertising

Sophisticated Display Media Solutions

DITCH has developed an innate understanding of how to integrate display and search based media, analyze how each affects the other, and measure and optimize across all types of online media. We use our unique expertise and technology – combined with leading third-party ad serving, tracking, and reporting – to optimize your online display advertising based on back-end results such as cost per acquisition, cost per lead, and % revenue.

DITCH believes that display advertising results can be easily underestimated. But when managed and measured as part of a larger integrated marketing strategy, the results can be surprising. Let DITCH show you how. This integrated search + display technology, in our view, is the beginning of something big and allows for unprecedented targeting and re-targeting capabilities.

Let DITCH design a holistic, integrated online marketing plan designed to meet your company’s specific objectives.

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