DITCH understands the vital role good creative plays in successful Internet advertising.


Proven Track Record of Profitable Digital Marketing

What if your Chief Marketing Officer was as accountable for measurable results as your Chief Financial Officer? Thanks to digital media, this question can become a reality for all CEOs and shareholders.

DITCH , a digital consultancy and agency, provides expert advice on how to maximize client profits through digital channels. DITCH also plans, manages, and optimizes all forms of interactive media, utilizing its unique experience and technology to help you control your brand on the Web.

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Experience and Technology That Make a Difference

DITCH was founded on the belief that digital convergence is quickly leading to new marketing and advertising paradigms. Today, consumers’ interactions with media can be fully measured, stored, quantified and immediately utilized to better target the right message to the right customer. This enables hyper-accountable, real-time marketing with strong response rates and returns on investment. DITCH understands the unique challenges that digital technology and changing consumer behavior present, and we convert these potential obstacles into opportunity and profits.

DITCH believes that our digital advisory services should be as efficient and accountable as the medium in which we specialize. We run a very flat organization focused on client results and how to continually optimize and improve these results. We aren’t paid based on how much our clients spend, but, more importantly, we’re compensated based on the incremental profits we help our clients achieve.